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Microsoft Account Problem Most Likely Your Password Changed Windows 10, the latest operating system, is popular with many users because of its security and powerful features But it seems that many users prefer using a PIN since it is easy and convenient to remember compared with a long password
Step 3: Then, click Delete account from this device If you don't already have a Microsoft account, you can get one at

Get started with Microsoft account

Reduce the number of times you sign in and easily move between your favorite Microsoft services by signing in with your Microsoft account.

Get started with Microsoft account
Update the ReferenceId to match the user journey ID, in which you added the identity provider
Set up sign
You can define Azure AD as a claims provider by adding the ClaimsProvider element in the extension file of your policy
Get started with Microsoft account
Replace your-tenant-name with the name of your tenant, and your-domain-name with your custom domain
The following XML demonstrates the first two orchestration steps of a user journey with the identity provider: Select here to fix it in Shared experiences settings
By default, the Shared experiences feature is enabled in Windows 10 and it can let your apps on other devices including linked phones and tablets open and message apps on this device

How to Stop Microsoft Account Problem Notification in Win10

You first add a sign-in button, then link the button to an action.

Set up sign
The order of the elements controls the order of the sign-in buttons presented to the user
Office 365 Login
Update the value of TechnicalProfileReferenceId to the Id of the technical profile you created earlier
Get started with Microsoft account
Tip: There are some other things you can do if you need to fix your Microsoft account, for example, run Microsoft account troubleshooter, verify your identity on your computer, or disable Action Center notifications