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Custom settings… You can adjust the sound of the Kube using the controls for the crossovers, and the low pass filter, the phase, and the gain KEF was founded on innovation and new technology
The three DSP, Digital Signal Processing presets, we have already mentioned The software that we use to run our analyse is also used to power eighty-five percent of the world's supercomputers

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Many people prefer that tight bass sound.

KEF Home Speakers and Subwoofers for sale
It's not you, it's KEF
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Die LS50 Meta ist ein hochpräziser, musikalischer Lautsprecher, der auf einer revolutionären akustischen Technologie basiert
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Highs are extended but not hyped, lows are all there, but again not any version of boomy, not hyped or exaggerated and the mid range is also spot on
Encouraged by all the reviews, and to mark KEF's 50th anniversary, the design team was given the go-ahead to develop this stunning concept for production, and two more years were spent painstakingly refining the concept to produce an edition that serious audiophiles could actually own This exceptionally flat frequency response is part of how they are so superbly neutral, and their transient response, because there is so little extraneous resonance causing any kind of overhang or false emphasis on any part of the frequency spectrum, is also superbly clean and sharp
This is a bookshelf speaker that sounds as big as a floor standing speaker, no exaggeration All the more of a surprise then when you turn it on

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These are amazing speakers and I would love a pair.

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Has anyone had any experience with Kef 'B' grade stock
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An additional wireless receiver is available and sold separately
KEF Home Speakers and Subwoofers for sale
Following corporate change at Wharfedale, Cooke left to see his own ideas put into action
Generation mit Metamaterial-Absorptionstechnologie-Treiber entwickelt und ist in der Lage, überall im Raum detaillierten Sound zu liefern The in-house design and manufacture we have already mentioned
The KEF KW1 provides a high-quality wireless transmission that delivers every ounce of detail and impact from your movie and music soundtracks All you who complain just don't understand what its like to earn your money and buy the things you deserve

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The Bad The Q350 doesn't come with grill covers, but KEF will sell you a pair for extra cost.

Kef 'B' grade stock?
I have heard many speakers in my day, and although these probably fall shy of the treble extension and emphasis of the B and W 706's, they have VERY GOOD TREBLE in my opinion
He was later Technical Director at , then a leading British loudspeaker manufacturer
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Sealed Cabinet: The Kube series powered subwoofer utilizes a sealed acoustic suspension cabinet for greater accuracy and delicate musical detail, while allowing the Kube subwoofers to be installed almost anywhere; even inside a cabinet