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Along with many other states, Saudi Arabia is an essential member of the G20 NEOM city provides a massive market for G20 economies to attract investment
During his speech at the Osaka summit, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman committed to finding new ways of cooperation with low-income states in food security, infrastructure development, energy infrastructure, water issues and human capacity building Considering its Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia will try to explore new ways of socio-economic cooperation with G20 nations while hosting the summit in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia to Host ‘Virtual’ G20 Meeting to Discuss Volatile Oil Markets

Saudi Arabia is fortunate to chair the G20 summit while initiating practical work on Vision 2030.

قمة G20 برئاسة السعودية.. تضامن لمواجهة أزمات الاقتصاد العالمي
The post-Cold War era is one of liberal and multilateral institutes
قمة مجموعة العشرين الرياض 2020
The G20 Group of Twenty is a multilateral group of countries created for global economic cooperation
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How can such institutions contribute to worldwide prosperity and wellbeing in a disordered world? Hosting a platform such as the G20 is of immense importance to Saudi Arabia
The Saudi strategy, supported by the US and Russia, is for a more inclusive stance on hydrocarbon resources, while simultaneously promoting renewable sources such as solar and wind
Saudi Arabia is an essential stakeholder among G20 nations States are shifting their traditional foreign policies toward global and regional interdependence by becoming a member of global organizations

ما هي G20 السعودية الثانية وترتيبها في مؤشر البنية التحتية 2020

In the 21st century of globalization, regional organizations, multilateral institutes and multinational corporations MNCs are playing a pivotal role in global politics and the economy.

Saudi Arabia and the G20
The G20 is a forum of 19 countries and the EU for international economic cooperation
ترتيب السعودية في g20
The Japanese experience in developing the city will be a useful model for the sustainable development of Vision 2030, especially Qiddiya and NEOM
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However the question remains, will such institutions reflect the sole interest of the member states? For example, after its completion the Qiddiya city will be a landmark location designed to address the needs of future generations